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Update to Admin Permissions

20 Feb 2016 // Andrew Stroup

We continually review our product roadmap to include customer feedback, which has led to our recent update to admin permissions. To better match our user’s workflows, we’ve consolidated a couple of permissions and expanded some roles, read on to learn more.

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Transfer Your Company to Another User

03 Nov 2015 // Andrew Stroup

As our users continue to scale their companies, this often also means roles and responsibilities change. Becuase of this, we’ve found that sometimes a company needs to change who has control of the company accounts within CommonKey.

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Exporting accounts to a CSV file

31 Jul 2015 // Andrew Stroup

By popular demand, we’ve released the export feature so you can create backups of all your accounts for both personal and company accounts.

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Addition of the Notes field

15 Jun 2015 // Andrew Stroup

One of the amazing things about CommonKey is our engaged community that helps our team easily define the product roadmap. Based on awesome user feedback, we’ve released the notes feature that allows users to add additional information to an account (auto-login or custom account, up to 250 characters).

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HBO Silicon Valley goes down the Left Lane

25 May 2015 // Andrew Stroup

If you caught the most recent episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley, Richard Hendricks was faced with a difficult decision based on an action by one of his employees, Bertram Gilfoyle.

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