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Transfer Your Company to Another User

Nov 3, 2015 // Andrew Stroup

As our users continue to scale their companies, this often also means roles and responsibilities change. Becuase of this, we’ve found that sometimes a company needs to change who has control of the company accounts within CommonKey.

This week we’ve released the transfer company feature, which allows the company owner to select an existing team member to take over full control of the company.

You can find the transfer feature within the edit company pop-up, which can be navigated from the company dashboard by clicking on the cogs icon next to the company name.

When you start the transfer company process, the team member will receive an email notification, requiring them to accept the invitation on the dashboard. The invitation is only good for 48 hours. After that, the invitation will expire and the transfer will no longer be available.

Once the team member clicks on the transfer company invitation, the transfer process will be complete and making the previous comapny owner a regular team member.

We’re always looking for ways to better deliver team password management to you and your company. There are more exciting features on their way, stay tuned for more!