Come join the security revolution.

Why work at CommonKey?

We're changing the way companies think about security and collaboration, focused on helping teams manage and share access to web apps so they can focus on what's important, their customers. We're looking for passionate, driven individuals who believe in our mission and eager to make a positive impact.

Not only will you work directly with our core team shaping the product with deep interaction with our customers, but you'll be part of a growing technology sector and have the opportunity to work with other amazing people, passionate about getting rid of password-filled Google Docs. We continue to grow and support our distributed work team that's spread across the globe and leverage tools (like CommonKey) to stay connected.

Be a part of something that changes the way team's address security and collaborate with one another. Open up that inbox of yours, shoot us an email at, and grab our attention. A resume is informative, but doesn't tell us who YOU are and why you want THIS job.

Open Positions

You're a front end web developer familiar with building productivity tools. You should know HTML/CSS3 like the back of your hand, can make pixels dance using JavaScript/JQuery, and comfortable working in a dynamic work environment. You understand how to impact a business one line of code at a time, and eagerly look forward to solving problems through critical thinking and driven excellence.

You'll be responsible for owning the front end development and working closely with our design team and engineers to craft engaging and visually aesthetic products to meet the needs of our customers. Being able to clearly communicate and express ideas and opinions within a dynamics team environment is a necessity to ensure product deadlines are met.

Desired Skills and Details:

  • Experience working with browser extensions (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE)
  • Familiarity with popular JS frameworks
  • Able to work within a Ruby on Rails environment
  • Previous experience implementing security protocols a huge plus

You're a UX Designer who can talk the talk and walk the walk. You should have hands on experience designing productivity applications for SMBs that your 5 year old sister could use, make even the world's ugliest dog look pretty using design tools and best practices, can produce wireframes in your sleep, and throw down HTML, CSS, and the occasional JavaScript/JQuery while running from cheetahs.

You'll heavily engage and understand our customer's needs to produce a user interface that helps companies solve password management and sharing with ease. Based on your designs, you'll directly work with the product development team to ensure the execution and workflow of user interaction and experience is effectively implemented.

Desired Skills and Details:

  • Previous design experience in SMB and/or B2B products
  • Design knowledge and best practices for dashboard, extensions, and mobile devices
  • Familiarity with the security sector
  • Front-end Development experience a plus

Ditch the suit and tie and those formal emails addressed to Mr. so-and-so. We're looking for passionate and enthusiastic people interested in being a part of our exciting team and believe in our mission to solve a big small business problem. You'll have opportunities to work on a myriad of projects, to include but not limited to:

  • Social Media, PR, Sales & Marketing
  • Community Outreach and Development
  • Business Development and Strategy
  • UX Design and Front End Web Development
Don't see your job listed?

We're always interested in smart people passionate about what we do and willing to help us make a difference in the world. Drop us a line at and tell us a little about yourself and how we were meant to be together.