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CommonKey competes at NYC Tech Cocktail Startup Showcase tomorrow!

26 Aug 2014 // commonkey

CommonKey has been selected to present and compete in the upcoming Tech Cocktail’s New York Mixer & Startup Showcase tomorrow, August 27th at 6:30PM. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop by, say hello, have a drink and come learn about all the cool startups in New York City.

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4.5 million records stolen from hospital network

23 Aug 2014 // Andrew Stroup

The hospital network Community Health Systems announced it was hacked on Monday, which has led to 4.5 million patients data being stolen. The hospital network operates 206 hospitals across 28 states in the United States and the hackers gained access to names, social security numbers, physical addresses, birthdays, and telephone numbers.

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Can changing your password change your life?

28 Jul 2014 // Jonathan Lee

Going through a tough situation? Trying to set goals? In this article, the author explains his (non-traditional) therapy by changing his passwords to relate to his personal goals. From wacky passwords such as “Forgive@her” and “Sleep@before12”, he was able to accomplish goals such as getting over depression and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Psychologist Ann Kearney-Cooke explains how we tend to choose emotional, anecdotal, and easy to choose passwords.

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Hacking costs the economy between $375 and $575 billion per year

09 Jun 2014 // Rurik Bradbury

A new report by former US officials pegged the cost of hacking at up to $575 billion per year, writes the Wall Street Journal. It’s a huge number.

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Data Breaches Have Real Consequences as Target CEO Steps Down

06 May 2014 // Rurik Bradbury

35 years of hard work, true commitment, and company loyalty came to an abrupt end yesterday when Target’s CEO, Gregg Stinhafel, [stepped down][2] from his post. His downfall came out of the of cyber blue when last December a bunch of hackers snapped up 40 million customers’ credit-card numbers in one of the largest data breaches in internet history.

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