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Online Security Front and Center as the Internet of Things Takes Off

Apr 22, 2014 // Andrew Stroup

By now you’ve probably guessed that this blogger is somewhat passionate about information security. From poor password management to epic hacks, the range of security issues we face spans the gamut of incredulous to down right weird. These risks will in all probability increase we seek incorporate technology into our everyday devices and lives, dramatically raising the stakes for consumers and businesses alike. But the potential risks to businesses don’t stop at computers. Manufacturing has emerged another front for innovation as managers adapt their machines to communicate with each other wirelessly to produce efficiency gains. If a hacker were to gain access to my coffeemaker and made it spew grounds across the counter, it would be an annoying yet relatively simple cleanup process. if a hacker were to break into one of Maxwell House’s coffee grinders…the sky’s the limit.

CommonKey’s very own Andrew Stroup weighed in on this issue in a recent article published in Dell Tech Page One. When asked about wireless adoption in manufacturing, he said that businesses must first ask themselves “How does the new technology impact the current security practices of a company, and what modifications are required to ensure the same or higher security practices are integrated into the company to accommodate the integration of the new technology?” Employers must also recognize the importance of training their employees in best cybersecurity practices. All the technology in the world can’t make a network more secure if the people operating it don’t know the proper way to stay secure.