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UI update and Admin permissions

Mar 18, 2014 // commonkey

We just released a big update, which includes a new UI design, admin permissions, and a new billing structure. We’ve moved the dashboard to and we’ve updated a few security items. Check out the details below!

New UI Design

After some amazing feedback from our users (that’s you), we’re releasing the first phase in a transition to a newly re-designed UI based on how you manage your company.

Super Admin Permissions

Company owners can now give super admin access to trusted individuals so they can help manage their company. Each user who is given super admin permissions is an additional $2 /user/mo.


Extension: Quick Copy to Clipboard

We’ve added a quick Copy to Clipboard icon in the browser extension to make copying a password easier than ever.


Billing Updates

Because you may need to manage more than one company, we’ve enabled the ability to charge separate credit cards for each company you create. You can go to the Billing page to manage your billing information and subscriptions.


We have a many more new features coming soon so stay tuned for updates.

Have more ideas? Shoot us an email or drop us a note from the dashboard (little square orange at the bottom right), we always love hearing from our users.

As always, thanks for letting us protect the keys to your company!

-Mike and Andrew