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Forgotten Password Leaves Corruption Complaints Unaddressed for Eight Years

Mar 6, 2014 // Dan Yelin

Ever hit the ‘reset password’ button when you’ve forgotten a password? Apparently nobody told New Delhi’s police department about this feature, who have been locked out of their corruption complaint logging and tracking system for eight years. Two Delhi police officers were put in charge of managing and operating this system, which funnels complaints from India’s Central Vigilance Commission, its anti-corruption agency, for further investigation and processing by local authorities. When called upon to explain why the system had been idle for years, they said that they forgot how to access and operate the system. Since this bright duo first lost access in 2006 more than 650 complaints have piled up in their system, leaving a formidable backlog that will most certainly occupy large amounts of their time for the foreseeable future.

When asked, a senior Delhi Police officer admitted that the department’s failure to investigate these cases was “a technical problem”. “The Delhi Police remains committed to public grievances,” he added. The two officers in question were able to keep their jobs, and have since participated in an hour-long “training” exercise. This extremely lucky duo is now reportedly able to access the system and process complaints. Let’s just hope they didn’t set the password to “12345.”