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How bad are your passwords? Microsoft helps you figure it out

Feb 25, 2014 // Dan Yelin

Think you have a good password? Microsoft has developed a new tool that can help you figure out exactly how clever that passphrase is.

Telepathwords, a project by Microsoft Research, tries to guess each letter of your password before you type it. The tool sources its information from databases of previously hacked passwords that are available online to predict what the next character will be.

If you think you’re the only one substituting a ‘$’ for a ‘4’ or ‘s,’ think again. Research has shown that by and large human behavior is fairly predictable, which helps explain why ‘Password’ continues to be the most commonly used password despite years of news stories warning against its use. Passwords such as ‘zu49pw8zzqq’ survived telepathwords’ digital interrogation, while phrases like ‘iloveyou’ and ‘denverbroncos’ were dead giveaways. /SEO Ultimate –>