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More features are here!

Sep 26, 2013 // commonkey

Feature updates

We decided to tackle a couple of features that we felt were overdue, helping with your user experience. Along with these updates, we’ve also added some UI tweaks and addressed some outstanding bugs (extension related) with your help as we prepare to step out of beta.

The new My Account page

Replacing the pop-up window, we’ve given the My Account page a new face, allowing users to update their CommonKey profile pic, information, and password. We’ve also staged an area for managing your organization subscriptions.

Gravatar Integration

It’s time to show off your good looking mugs! Gravatar images have been added to your account, adding an extra look and feel update to the dashboard.

Introducing the term “Credentials”

To help better distinguish between your CommonKey account, team member accounts, organizations, and login credentials, we’ve tweaked some of our vocabulary. When adding a login “credential,” we’ve updated what we call it to … credentials! (makes too much sense, right?!)


Over the past couple of months, we have greatly appreciated your amazing user feedback while we’ve been in beta! As we continue to plug away on updates and new features, we’ll be implementing our subscriptions to help us continue to grow and deliver a quality product to you and your team.

Here at CommonKey, we’re constantly working on ways to solve all of your password management needs and we have more exciting updates in the pipeline before we step out of beta over the next month. Within the next few days, we’ll be updating CommonKey with our subscription plans. Everyone will receive a free 14 day trial before the subscription models officially kick in.

If you’re interested in signing up early, we’ll be offering 10% for the first 3 months as a perk to our beta users as we couldn’t have been able to build CommonKey without you!!!

As always, thanks for using CommonKey as we continue to solve a big small business problem, protecting the keys to your company.

the CommonKey team