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We’re Responsive!

Sep 9, 2013 // commonkey

We’ve made some serious progress based on your feedback and requests. This round of updates include a re-design of our web application to be fully responsive and cool new features.

Tablet and Phone Views

When viewing the web application from your tablet or phone, we’ve customized the view so it makes using CommonKey easier than ever before! Each view maintains the same functionality as the desktop version, but tailored for each device.

New and Improved Account Saving

We’ve completely redesigned the extension top and side bar to better handle more websites and easily save login credentials to your CommonKey account.

You can now edit all the fields, view the password, and assign it to your organization or personal lists.

Updated Navigation Bar

We’ve streamlined the navigation bar to simplify things. The “Accounts” link takes you to all of your accounts and the “Invitations” page displays any pending incoming or outgoing invitations.

To add accounts, we’ve added a button on each view that is tailored to the specific task you’re performing.

Adding Accounts to Groups

When managing your organization, by clicking the “+ Account to Group” button, you can now easily select between Existing Accounts or add new accounts (Automatic Login or Custom Credentials).

Groups Management

You can now easily manage your groups by editing their names or deleting them from one single location (using the Groups cog on the left hand side of the organization dashboard view).

We’re getting closer!

Here at CommonKey, we’re constantly working on ways to solve all of your password management needs. We have more exciting updates in the pipeline before we step out of beta over the next couple of months.

We have some exciting features planned over the next month, to include: auto-form population for saved applications, additional browser support, admin levels, and much more! Have some additional ideas or requests? We’d love to hear them, so drop us a line anytime!

As always, thanks for using CommonKey as we continue to solve a big small business problem, protecting the keys to your company.

the CommonKey team