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Big Feature Rollout and News!

Aug 11, 2013 // commonkey

The CommonKey team has been hard at work over the past couple of weeks implementing our new big feature roll out: custom credentials! We’ve also made some additional updates to help with the overall user experience, check it out below!

Custom Credentials

You can now easily add custom credentials in the dashboard for non-[website][2] logins (e.g. FTP logins) and sites not detected by the extension. Simply fill in the information and assign it to your Personal or organization lists.

Extension Look and Feel

Say hello to the extension’s new look to support custom credentials and grouping multiple accounts for a site. Clicking on an account will either automatically login you into the site OR display the custom credentials.
Sites that are listed in multiple groups are now consolidated to save real estate.

Custom Credentials Window

When you click on a custom credential in the extension, a window will appear in the browser. This will allow you to view the login credentials and copy the password to your clipboard.

To the back!

When users login, the login process now occurs in the background, no longer requiring you to keep the popup open. This also applies to accepting invitations.

Organization Subscriptions

We greatly appreciated all the great user feedback and support over the past couple of months while in beta. We’ll be implementing our paid subscriptions over the next month to help us continue making big feature roll outs on a quick release timeline.

Check out our pricing information here or drop us a line at if you have any questions.

What’s Next? 

We have some exciting features planned over the next month, to include: auto-form population for saved applications, additional browser support, admin levels, and much more! Have some additional ideas or requests? We’d love to hear them, so drop us a line anytime!

As always, thanks for using CommonKey as we continue to solve a big small business problem, protecting the keys to your company.

the CommonKey team