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Extension Updates and Fixes

Jul 13, 2013 // commonkey

This round of CommonKey updates are focused on enhancing the extension user experience, whether that’s adding in new features or solving some silly bugs. Normally most web applications don’t go into detail about their bugs, but since you (our beta community) have been monumental in identifying and addressing these issues, we wanted to keep you in the know as we resolve them!

First, we’ve added in the call where if you’re forced logged out of the dashboard, the extension will also automatically log out. We know this has caused some issues for users in the past (secondary and tertiary bugs) so we’re happy to see this resolved.

We also added auto-updating between the dashboard and extension. Once changes are made on the dashboard, the updates are sent to the extension and reflected automatically.

Mac users were reporting an issue with the Refresh button, which should now be fixed, no longer hanging up (Windows users shouldn’t see a change).

Finally, we received a couple of unique use cases of being unable to save to Groups from the extension. This issue should be fixed along with requiring the user to save to a group within an organization.

Have any other features or bugs you’d like us to address? Great! Send us an email and we’ll take a look.

As always, thanks for trying the CommonKey beta and feel free to drop us a line anytime!

the CommonKey team